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Music promo: Afro Omega

The following track is now being promoted on our reggae music radio station here at Party Vibe radio courtesy of Afro Omega. Send us your music promos for free airtime. Afro Omega – Know My Name Afro Omega ... Read More »

August 16, 2011 0

Party Vibe radio’s 13th birthday!

Each year celebrate our birthday (December 8th 1997) with a radio bonanza and this year is no exception of course. Happy birthday Party Vibe! Tune into the Radio: Internet Radio Station Related posts: Party Vibe radio’s 16th birthday! ... Read More »

December 04, 2010 0

Browse by our channels by listener count

It’s been a long time coming but it’s now possible to browse our internet radio channels on a single page ordered by listener count: Internet Radio Station And we currently have the following genres running: Channel 1: ... Read More »

February 10, 2010 0

Internet radio peering

Anyone interested in peering or relaying our internet radio streams are welcome to do so. We currently have 10 channels of free live online music streaming at 320kb/s featuring a wide variety of musical ... Read More »

September 15, 2009 0

Audience figures for January 2009

It’s time I shared some statistics on how well Party Vibe radio has been doing since we moved away from being hosted on Level-1 and started our own streams in January so here are ... Read More »

July 28, 2009 0

WinAmp is dead long live Media Player!

I’m really pleased to say the links you would generally use to connect to our internet radio station should now work in most external media players and no longer be limited to just WinAmp. ... Read More »

November 21, 2008 0

BIG radio update

I’ve just completed a huge update of our radio broadcasting configuration which now takes us up to a positively massive ten channels of internet radio. 1. An electronic channel playing a mix of everything at ... Read More »

August 24, 2008 0

New links for the radio and chat room

I’ve created two links to make all our lives easier with the radio and the chat room so please use these from now on. Related posts: Radio playlist update Dubstep glitch (no pun!) Reggae music playlist ... Read More »

September 06, 2007 0

Internet radio station directory

I’ve added an internet radio directory to the site this morning feel free to add your favorite stations: Radio Directory. Related posts: Radio playlist update Dubstep glitch (no pun!) Reggae music playlist update Radio player

July 23, 2007 0

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