Podington Bear


Podington Bear started releasing music anonymously via podcast in 2007 and received praise from bloggers (Gorilla Vs. Bear, Muzzle of Bees…) and national media outlets (NPR, Wired, The Globe & Mail…) Upon completing his 156th track (3 per week) he revealed himself to be Chad Crouch, multidisciplinary artist and proprietor of Portland’s HUSH records via the vlog Rocketboom. That same year Podington Bear contributed 13 tracks to the 2nd emmy-winning season of This American Life on Showtime.

In 2008 Chad Crouch began releasing shorter compositions that attempted to soundtrack photographs and dubbed this new podcast Sound Of Picture.

Late 2009 saw a name change for the “P Bear” podcast from “Modern Music Grower”, to “Music For Misc.”. With that, Podington Bear began issuing long-form episodes featuring his own music and commentary based on a theme (varying from one episode to the next).

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