Karl Verkade


Karl Verkade is a Los Angeles-based artist, focusing mostly on ambient music and film scores, along with studio and live session guitar work. His film credits include 1000 Blisters by director Timothy Lee Glover, Broken Roads starring Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kirkland, and Semblance. His guitar work includes sessions and concerts with Xenia from NBC’s ‘The Voice’, Jane Hunt aka Violin Venus, Megan Nicole, Tom Mgrdichian, Tori Kelly, and others. He currently has three different solo ambient projects available, with a fourth that becomes available at Christmas for charity, and is in the studio working on his second full-length album.

“Life is not how we would have it. But it is all we have. This is the basis and nature of the spiritual. A beautiful and repetitive tune meant to bring hope to our tired and wearisome lives. The spiritual isn’t afraid to be honest or raw about the dystopian things of life, or its honest questioning of God. And yet it’s also unwavering in its belief in that same God.

Though the advent of spirituals is thousands of years old, the angst, pain, and joy of life has remained exactly how it has always been. Using modern instruments and vintage recording techniques, I attempt to bring a rebirth to the spiritual. Hopefully this music captures the yearning in my heart to awaken something more in my life. And hopefully, whether you relate to me in that journey or not, this music awakens something in you.”

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