Irie Crew


iRiE CrEw is representing Jamaican Music all over Europe and way beyond since 2003.

T-Zion, Reggae fan since the early 90’s and Selector since early 2000, decided to create his own Soundsystem at the end of 2003. After playing some dances, festivals and events on his own, Smokey, Zeeko & Daddy Alex joined the crew officially in 2007.

Based in Nancy (North-East of France) & Luxemburg , the iRiE CrEw has already made themselves an excellent name as Juggling Sound, which can entertain and hype every crowd. Also, it is no big secret, that the iRiE CrEw is taking the Dubplate Business seriously.

The iRiE CrEw loves to travel the world to play quality Jamaican music for the people. The crew already played from France to the United States, passing through Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy … and of course Jamaica!!! – Desperate to come again and reach out to more places. – iRiE CrEw is ready!



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