Denise Castillo


Denise Castillo, Belizean, singer/song writer/performer has always had a passion for music. She first started singing in church as a little girl and started performing publicly in high school talent shows and the National high school Festival of Arts. She also, entered Local TV singing competitions such as ‘Ultimate KTV’, ‘The Next Level Project’ and the ‘National Patriotic Song Competition’. In the year 2011 she released her first single, ‘Til Da Mawnin’ followed up by song ‘Playa’ in which she ventures into the genres of Reggae, Dancehall and a fusion of other genres. It was 2012 with the release of her song ‘Nah Let Go’ that created big buzz for the upcoming artist.

The popularity of the catchy, upbeat, dancehall song gained her nominations for 7 categories and winning her 4 Awards at the ‘Belize Music Award Show’ held March 2013. Her Awards included “Number One Dancehall Song”, “Best Female Vocalist”, “Number One Breakout Tune” and “Best Upcoming Artist”. Upon the new gained popularity Denise released a four track EP(Extended Play); titled “I Love Out Loud” on sale on various music distribution sites which features songs “Nah Let Go”, “Playa”, “Til Da Mawnin” and “I Remain”. Her follow up songs ‘I Remain’, “If You Leave” and ‘Turn me up(feat Belizean Artist Andidre) has kept her consistent on the radio stations across the whole country of Belize. Besides her popularity on the air waves, Denise has also worked on three different Music Videos for Songs ‘Nah Let Go’ ‘I Remain’ and ‘Turn Me Up’ which landed her number one video on several Local Top Ten Shows weeks at a time in Belize, shows including “The Wave Top Ten Show” and the “TGIF Show.”

Her music has given her great recognition and gained her the opportunity to open for concerts held in Belize for top artists such as: RDX, Cecile, Charlie Blacks, Alaine, Romain Virgo, Aidonia, and Taurus Riley. Her music continues to capture the love of fans both local and international gaining her upcoming shows in Chicago, New York and LA. Denise’s goal is to reach a global market with her music and striving towards a higher level with her career. Her upcoming projects include putting together an album and getting her music appreciated not only home but worldwide.

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