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If you go to Vienna and you are trying to get a picure of what the reggae / dancehall scene has to offer it is highly improbable that you will not come across Kutta’s name. But unlike many other reggae selectors in Vienna, who do well locally, but get little recognition internationally, I would say, what is remarkable about this guy, is the fact that although he has kept things fairly low on the local level he has gained a lot more respect in Jamaica, Italy and Germany than is usual for any Austrian reggae act. I believe that this pretty much accounts for his subtle taste and thorough love of Jamaican music as well as his broader knowledge of all the different styles. Kutta started to DJ at the tender age of 13, spinning mainly ska, rocksteady and roots reggae tunes but very soon also got turned onto the newer genres of ragga and dancehall. He spends as much time as possible in Jamaica and is already building a following over there. Those that remember the Vienna dancehall scene from it’s earlier stages will also remember that Kutta organised one of the first weekly dancehall club nights back in 2001.

As one of Austria’s youngest reggae dancehall promoters he and his crew named Baba Sound created a new monthly club in 2003, combining the best from ska, rocksteady, reggae dancehall to hiphop and drum and bass featuring live Bands, Artists and Sound Systems at Vienna club Subzero. Kutta has played at big European Festivals as the Rototom Sunsplash in Italy and the South East European music event in Bulgaria as well as shows in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and all over Austria. He still organises gigs and club dates in Vienna and brings Jamaican artists to Austria. This is more due to his general love for the music than anything else but one may also say that Kutta is very good when it comes to socializing with artists and he is generally someone who you tend to get along with well. 2008 he just come back from Jamaica where he selected on a local Sound system regularly from 2006 to 2008 and also was invited to play at “Japanese Thursdays” in Montego Bay.

You can listen to Kutta online on where he’s hosting the radioshow called frassbud fm every second wednesday since 2008 . Now he is playing his part in promoting and organizing Stageshows with Bunfiresquad austrias N°1 reggae dancehall promoter, bringing artists like T.O.K., Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Stephen Marley, Mr Vegas, Beenie Man, Tarrus Riley, Mikeylous, Gappy Ranks, Demarco, Lee Perry, Capleton, Sizzla and many more to Vienna. Baba Soundsystem is one of the few austrian reggae dancehall sounds who got their own set of speakers and amps and also keep dances in their headquarter for the local austro-jamaican community.

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