The amygdalae are a set of almond-shaped nuclei deep in the temporal lobes of the brain. Included in the limbic system, their primary function is processing memory and emotional responses. The music of Amygdala (Andreas Riemer Christensen) is thus “mind music” crafted to entrance and enthrall the listener.

Drawing on inspirational sources as disparate as physiological psychology, science, and cyberpunk, it is no surprise the Amygdala “sound” differs with every track. Influenced most prominently by early Eat Static, Transwave, System 7, and Koxbox, the music of Amygdala can be described as old school, progressive, psychedelic and techy, but every ride is an individual experience. Amygdala’s music is designed for inner exploration, reaching into an intergalactic science fictional future, and solid down-to-earth partying.

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