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    Party Vibe is a 16 year old forum about sex and drugs meant for user engagement, harm reduction and educational purposes.

    Party Vibe Radio is a high definition internet radio station and a music forum which plays a range of different styles including Ambient, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Pop, Psytrance, Rap, Reggae, Rock and Techno and House music.

    Rave-Forum is a forum about music, festivals, party going and raving.

    The Council for Safer Sex, Drugs and Alcohol (CSSDA) was set up in 1987 with the aim of raising public awareness of sex, alcohol and substance related issues. We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL support, information and counselling on issues related to sex, drug and alcohol to anyone wanting to know more.

    Forward Thinking On Drugs is a review of the UN Progress in Combatting the Global Drug Problem.

    Life Forum is a forum about life and other things.

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    I am really into minimal techno, so I would like to see your tastes in these genre. This are my top 5 minimal techno artists:

    1. Richie Hawtin
    2. Magda (Magda Chojnacka)
    3. Ryan Crosson (aka Berg Nixon)
    4. Barem
    5. Gabriel Ananda

    Top 5 Minimal Techno Artists

    "Again its a trick one I have a few but am going to make a stab at one :-

    That's entertainment - The Jam"

    Best Non Dance Tune EVER!

    We're well overdue for a thread asking you all to post a link to your mixes, so here's one now. Although I'm not going to embarass myself with a link of my own, t'would be great to here what you lot are (or aren't) capable of... :)

    Advertise Your Mixes Here!

    Disclaimer: This series of posts is firstly intended to help teach budding rig builders and people interested in sound engineering how to go about it.....

    I've been a sound engineer for nearly fifteen years now, and these how to's are likely to approach perilously close to a doorstop style textbook... You have been warned ;-) They will take a while to finish, and likely will always be a "work in progress" too (there are always new things to learn after all, and I will continue updating as I do...) The information contained here is as accurate as my knowledge of the subject currently, and any errors are entirely my fault (although I take no responsibility for information in external links, or bits written by other people).

    You use the information at your own risk, and I will be presuming a basic level of technical skill. To build a rig, you will at the very least need some electrical/electronics skill, and decent wood working skills will also be helpful. It's beyond the scope of this document to give you a full electronics primer, or a cabinet building one - if you need these, I can heartily recommend the book "Teach yourself electricity and electronics" by Stan Giblisco and published by McGraw/Hill which is the main text you would likely use if you were to take a college course in the subject. As for the wood working skills, your best bet is to ask a Joiner pal if he can show you what you need (or a friendly DIY nut ;-) )

    How to Build a Sound System?

  • Happening Now on Forward Thinking On Drugs

    Policy makers need to consider seriously whether to react to this reality by massively extending and tightening the systems of control, or by acknowledging that a certain level of illicit supply and use is inevitable, and concentrating on reducing the harmful consequences. Our evidence shows that harm reduction approaches are effective.

    We believe countries should be free to learn from each other's successful experience of such approaches (e.g., needle exchange, consumption rooms) without criticism from the UN organisation policing the conventions, the International Narcotics Control Board, (INCB).

    Increasing numbers of countries have begun to implement, or seriously discuss tolerant drug policies that work within the legal framework of the global drug control regime. This flexibility needs to be explicitly recognised by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the International Narcotics Control Board...

    FToD - Research Papers and executive summaries are available to view online or download. The executive summaries are also available in Spanish and French.

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  • Happening now on Party Vibe

    Feeling your hands on my body, your lips kissing me and your body close to mine

    Oh I wish

    You're just always on my mind.

    I want you so badly...

    Sex Forum


    Cyber Sex is the act of having sex over the internet of course. Commonly people use email, Skype, Kik messenger or Snapchat for cyber but there are plenty of other applications for the same purpose. However this forum is for consenting adults only please and sharing personal information is recommended against.

    Skype Sex

    I am a 29 year old male in the Thames Valley area. I am an Opiate addict currently on Methodone. I was never abused as a child and I have a loving familly. We would be the statistical example (2.4 children, 2 cars nearing 3 etc). I am gay, but don't let that determin why I turned to heroin in the first place.

    I got into drugs by peer pressure. I always hanged arround with older kids than me when I was younger, they were more interesting and sensible than people of my age. I started smoking pot at 13, speed at 14. My school was shite, because I was gay I was a prime target for verbal abuse - but I never let it get to me. LSD and then Extasy was the next drug of choice. For a solid 3 years every weekend I ate pills and speed and then got onto selling them to make even more friends. The trick worked. Towards the end of my party lifestyle (aged 19ish) I became parranoid. For sometime after stopping all chemicals and pot I was still parranoid - There was no end. My partner at the time asked to borrow my car to score - I pressured him to tell me what he was getting - Heroin. I passed him £15 and I drove him to go and get it. That was my first time smoking heroin and I loved it. My parranoia stopped sudenly and I felt good about myself. OK, I was sick everwhere but that was a small price to pay when you are finally happy.

    Every weekend I did smack. Then I would do some on the Monday and then on Wednesday until I started to have stomach cramps, constipation, tears streaming from my eyes (detox symptom). it took over my life. I stole from my familly, did crime to fund my habit and sold drugs to fund my addiction.

    Now, I have a criminal record and not much to show for a 29 year old man.

    Drugs Forum

    My wife and I are both thirty. We go over to another couples house for dinner on friday nights. They are bothe 39 and have two kids, a boy, 10, and a girl, 8. They are an asian family, the husband is an asian from america, and wife is a fobby korean. The husband is strict and the wife is very playful. I have had a crush on the wife for a while. She is tall, skinny, and very playful, and she is always barefoot inside. She's very playful, always laughing, and she always playful hits when were talking or put her hand on my shoulder.

    Several times in the kitchen, when I am getting something next to her, I will put my foot on hers, seemingly accidentally, both barefoot, and she always moves it away. Well last friday night, there were about ten people having dinner there total, and she ended up sitting next to me at the table. My wife on my left and the korean wife on my right.

    I would lean my knee over so that it was touching hers, and after maybe 5 seconds she would move it away. That happened maybe ten times. Later she moved across from me at the table after someone left. I put my foot on hers and she didn't move it away. I rubbed he foot with mine and she just kept talking to me like everything was normal. When my wife got up to use bathroom, the korean wife put bothe her feet on mine, and rubbed her foot on my calf (I was wearing shorts) and said I was warm. I reached down and squeezed her big toe with my hand and she didn't move her foot. When my wife came back she moved her feet away.

    Later, she did it again when my wife went to bathroom again. Also I went to get something from the kitchen and the korean wife came in and as I walked past her I ran my hand across her stomach, she touched my hand but didn't say anything, and we played more footsi under the table after. She talked to me the whole time and never acted uncomfortable at all. I really liked it. What does it mean? Is she flirting with me?

    What should I do? I'm looking forward to seeing her again and increasing the touching a little quick shoulder rub or some thing. Tell me what you think.

    Sex Stories

    So I went dogging one time. wAS horny as fu the other night - found a local dogging forum and was shocked to see that there was a dogging hot spot only 10 min drive from me. I was nervous/excited and scared...but horny as a mofo so I took down the details and headed for the meet. All the way there i kept asking 'wtf u doing dude!!??' but I was too horny to turn back now. I arrived at the meet (remember i have never done this kind of **** before), it was not a good start, I arrived with my radio booming and lights on full - I could see the doggers were pissed off with me already.

    so i went dogging on time so i went dogging on time so i went dogging on time

    I sat in my car for 10 mins contemplating going home, but thought f this - im alpha cuz, I got out my car and took a deep breath - I noticed that all the guys were crowded around 1 car with their trousers around their ankles - This is where i ****ed up again - for some reason i pulled my trousers down before i got to their car...so i had to do an awkward walk/shuffle over to the car.

    Luckily know one noticed as they were to engrosed in what they were doing. There were 4 men, all fapping at someone in the car - I nervously approached a free window and took a peak in.

    I swear to god I was nearly sick!!! This ugly whale was a 2/10 at best!!! spotty fat and saggy teddies...but i was horny so shuffled into a good position.

    Now, the first thing that crossed my mind wasn't whether or not the guys had bigger cawks than me - but I couldn't get over the fact that all 4 of them were taller than me, was really peed of at this and actually started fapping on my tip-toes for some of the time. Anyway, 10 mins later I my penor was still like a wet piece of spaghetti..when suddenly the two guys opposite me let out a cry and orgasmed right infornt my eyes and jizzed on the car window...this was pretty much my view.

    The guys then pulled their trousers up and left without saying a word....5mins later the 3rd gay came on the window and left...now it was just me and some other dude...it was awkward to say the least. To my surprise the whale inside started to wind down the window - and within a blink of an eye she literally engulfed the guys penor

    It was disgusting to watch - she made some horrible sucking/slurping/gagging noises but for some reason i got greatly turned on..I could feel myself about to cum but tried to hold on until i received dat der head - but i couldn't I...I muttered 'gone pop' and much and jizzed on the car window for some reason. The guy and girl looked genuinely surprised as to why i had decided to jizz on the car window and not her. I got in my car and drove off without saying goodbye - I WILL NEVER go dogging again SRS

    Dogging Forum

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    Beads of sweat bulge on his brow and his voice, which has reached fever pitch, cracks occasionally. "Get out of here," yells the man in his thirties. "You lot are spoiling it for everyone else. Take your drugs and clear off."

    The object of his fury is a small clan of shifty-looking 18 and 19-year-olds who have been peddling crack cocaine to revellers at a socalled "squat party" in a Camden office building owned by Viacom Europe, parent company of music channel MTV.

    The cold light of a new day would later reveal that the building had been "trashed" by hundreds of party goers.

    But for now, there is a tense stand-off between the organisers and the crack pushers. As a first time raver with no experience of illegal parties but an awareness of the close relationship between crack dealing and guns, I can feel the beginnings of panic rising in my throat.

    I am standing on a mezzanine level, a relatively safe vantage point. But I know that there is only one exit, and getting to it involves descending a spiral staircase and squeezing past the flashpoint.

    By now, the music has been killed and industrial strength lights have flooded the murky building. A crowd of more than 100 dancers watches the action, and another 50 or so are watching with me from above.

    The message is very clear: you lot are not welcome and until you leave, the party is over.

    Inside London's Secret Raves

    I'm a raver, a free party goes. I have always been and always will be. I utterly despise the mainstream plebian town center nightclubs and wouldn't be seen dead in one.

    I'm aware that people can be both ravers and clubbers but I'm 100% a raver!

    So as you might imagine I find pretty rave girls in brightly colored plats, baggy trousers, t-shirts and hoodies who go to free parties very sexually attractive while I find the kind of foul mouthed sexually offensive, half naked, drunken, disgusting, female scum in ugly white stylettos and vulgar short skirts repulsive.

    My point is the women who typically go to raves are a lot more attractive to me than those who'll typically find on the high street in pubs and clubs.

    What do YOU think? Pretty rave girls: Hot or Not?

    Rave Girls: Hot or Not?

    Eyes perpetually glossed with the most addictive marijuana residues and spirits all but defunct, the mouths of naive Electronic Daisy raver chicks chirp open in sexual glee as they wait to be plied with more Tweetie Flipper’s liquid ecstasy induced acid trips.

    As if parents need any more proof that this new ‘electronic dance’ rave cult is a great danger to our children, we now have shocking and sick headlines pouring in this morning from California.

    The Mother’s Alert Network first tweeted today about violence erupting in West Hollywood, California. Police officers initially reported a massive, drug-fueled flash mob orgy that was actively taking place in West Hollywood. Shocked officials immediately called in the National Guard to assist LAPD in trying to contain the throbbing crowd by passive means, but after 9 officers were injured and one sodomized, police had to use rubber bullets and tear gas to gain control.

    And today, after the smoke has settled, we’ve learned this event was called the Electric Daisy Carnival, a festival of drugs, sin and wanton carnality that makes Woodstock look like a Saturday Night at Mass.

    If your child is a raver or fan of electronic base music, their risk of having an STD is already 23% higher than national average. Raver girls are notorious for being abortion-toking prostitutes, especially behind their parents backs. This is because people in this ‘electronic dance’ community are usually degenerates and drug addicts. The music of this culture is designed to trick the naive, malleable minds of teenagers to believe their high-school puppy love has meaning and they should shoot up with drugs and have adrenaline fueled public orgies...

    Electric Daisy Electronic Dance Raver Orgy

    Whats your general opinion then Squat Juice or Party Vibe?

    Squat Juice or Party Vibe?