Queen Ifrica Lyrics: No Love Again

Artist: Queen Ifrica
Track title: No Love Again


[Intro:] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
It’s all about knowing yourself you know
And this thing is getting outta hand right now
Dem kill mi bredren one day ya

[Verse:] But wait a wha gwaan
No love no deh ya again
The youths dem nuh waan si more love
A war dem a defend
Yuh mean to tell mi say dem kill anadda youth again
Fi real star jah know mi bend
Yo mek wi come together nuh man
A whappen to unno
Stop badmind yuh bredda nuh man
Man all tek two grand fi kill a man
Lawd God almighty a wha this man
Jah know
Do nuh bring nuh guns come to town
Yes natty king
Iya tell dem di same thing
Yo man and man suppose to can talk iya
Calm down nuh mek yuh so dark iya
Babylon microchip yuh
Or a true dem dip yuh
Well either way jah jah a go whip yuh
If a man tep pon yuh cawn
Say sorry
Dis di big man and dem nuh know
Nuh tarry
If yuh tarry dem a go find yuh dead ina di morning
Yo a man tell a man fi go suck him mango neck tall
Him start war
Nobody deh fi say no no
Everyone a bawl kill him
Bwoy tun informa fi schilling
Dem nah rememba say him neva willing
Crime start money now when him poor
Besides him can’t tek di violence no more
Him waan mek sure
Him pass di purly gates shore
So right now low him
If him a try to do betta
Join him to rise up outta di gutta
Can yuh hear mi now mi sure mi nuh stutta
If a man lean pon your car
Nuh rush him
Without wheels him a star
So low him
So yuh don’t know one of these days yuh might be walking

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