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Friday 12th June 1998 - 9pm-4am

How many times have you spent an evening in the Union? If you have any taste your answer will not be in double figures. With the exception of the odd Trilogy, Lost The Plot really is the only regular event held on campus worthy of the attention of clubbers. As difficult as it may be to believe, the Union plays host, once a term, to what is quite possibly the bangingest night in town. It features DJ sets and live PA's from the most respected and talented artists from the acid techno/hard trance scene. Last Friday we were treated to sets from locals Drude and Alf from Float, Samsara's Juno, who was allegedly reduced to tears by Alf's aural acrobatics, but proceeded to tear the dancefloor apart, transforming the already up for it crowd into a seething mass of insane lunatics.

Cue The Secret who let rip with their own unique blend of filthy acid techno and psychedelic trance. Only the legendary talents of Pendragon's head honcho Mark Sinclair could take the crowd higher. His two hour set comprised of hard house, techno, and trance classics all mashed up together, much like the assembled throng who were still banging on until 4.15am when the lights were turned on and the 303 acid lines were replaced by the tranquil sounds of birds singing and the insane hollerings of some pharmaceutically enhanced yogurt fetishist. Just another night down the Union?

Spark 22nd June 1998.

Main Room

Mark Sinclair (Pendragon, Escape from Samsara) - full-on acid trance 2-4, The Secret (live) (Megadog, Pendragon) banging trance-1-2, Juno (tribe of isis, Escape from Samsara) Psychedelic techno - 11-1, Alf (Float) banging techno - 10-11, Drude (PVC) acid techno 9-10.

Plus our usual second room of eclectic beats.

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