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Lost The Plot is a 'not for profit' party collective run by Andy, El,Hubert and James. Our intention is to create interesting temporary spaces for people to have fun in.

We began by putting together parties about three times a year at RUSU on the campus of Reading University. Then we helped produce a fundraising dance night for Kosovo. Now we are planning to work with Float and Universe on a night called Frontier Spirit @ The Matrix (Reading) on the second Friday of every month. Who knows what we might do in the future?

We started doing all this because no one else was. However Reading now seems to abound with underground party crews and many of them have helped us out in the recent past. Love and respect to Float, Livid, Free state, inna?state, Fushion and Cryonix.

Part of Lost The Plots unique flavour comes from the bizarre human installations provided by The Lydia Clymidia Performance Company who have an exclusive residency with us. Still more of it comes from the tireless efforts of Tantric 181 who provide our decor.

Above all we rely on the 1000 or so people who turn up, let go and do what they do. Thanks to you all.

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