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Toot Baldon - Reported April 21st2005
Garsington - Reported May 2005

Garsington(2) 27th May +addition

Garsington(South End)- Reported June 2005
Cuxham - Reported 29th June
Garsington (Denton)- Reported c. 14th July
Garsington/Toot Baldon - Reported c. 11th July
Garsington(South End)- Reported c. 14th July
Cuxham(Cutmill) - Reported 22nd July

Garsington(Denton)additional - Reported c25th July

Waylands Smithy, nr Ashbury, Wiltshire. Reported 9th August.
Woolstone Hill, nr Uffington, Oxfordshire, Reported 13th August.



We have identified 13 different formations in Oxfordshire fields for the period April-August 2005. This is probably our best season since records began as the quantity and quality of the formations is unsurpassed since 1994. After 1996, the last time we had more than 10 events, we have only found 2-4 formations most years, but some late activity at Garsington in August 2004 might have been an indicator of a good year in 2005. As usual there is no explanation of why 2005 has been so impressive - putting Oxfordshire in second place to Wiltshire for quantity.

All our circles were in just 3 locations - 9 in the Garsington-Toot Baldon "hot spot"; two fine designs in wheat near Chalgrove - the first in this area for more than 10 years; and two "state of the art" mandalas on the downs at Weyland Smithy and Woolstone Hill. The latter turned up at the end of the season - August 9th/13th, and resemble very high quality work usually found near Avebury, Wilts.

The Garsington events were evenly balanced out throughout the season with 2 early rape formations; then a surprising grass formation in May followed by another in the same field at the end of May. A well hidden streaky barley formation was spotted next to the road up to Toot Baldon probably dating from early June; then 3 very large and all different wheat formations which turned up in a 5 day period from July 11th -15th. A later smaller formation was also found in the field with a large "thought bubble" style near Denton in late July. We are grateful to all those who flew over the area as several formations would not have been discovered otherwise. All the activity looks to have taken place in a half mile wide corridor running north-south from Denton-Garsington-Toot Baldon.

The formations in the Chalgrove area were just north of the B480 road between Chalgrove and Cuxham. The first arrived on June 27th half way up Easington Hill and could just be seen from the road. The design was a beautifully constructed mix of circles and crescents in very green wheat. There followed a very large (c 500ft across) system of spirals linking to a central circle on July 22nd less than a mile west of the earlier event. The many thousands of feet of unwinding pathways were of absolutely perfect symmetry when viewed from the air.

Our final truly momentous events near White Horse Hill were 300-350ft diameter circles containing designs of immense complexity which are open to many interpretations. There is a strong resemblance to the "Mayan Calendar" design at Silbury Hill in August 2004. The latter was found close to theWest Kennett longbarrow, whilst the Oxfordshire Mandalas were next to the Weyland Smithy burial chamber associating the formations with history going back 5000 years?

Lets hope we have another great year in 2006!

Geoff Ambler

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