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Last Updated 13/9/96

WHEATLEY - GARSINGTON, Oxon formation, 20th June

WHEATLEY - GARSINGTON, Oxon formation, discovered flying on June 22nd

DENTON, Nr Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire, reported 24th June

BURFORD, Oxon, reported June 23rd

DENTON - GARSINGTON, Oxon formation, reported 3rd July

CAVERSHAM - SHIPLAKE, Nr Reading, Berks, Reported 4th July.

WEST ILLSEY, Berks, reported 11th July

AYNHO, N'Hants, reported 23rd July

ASHBURY Nr Swindon, Oxfordshire, reported 1st August.

ASHBURY (2nd formation) Nr Swindon, Oxfordshire, reported August 14th

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