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This is a double ringed circle with two large grape shots in the field opposite to the
very long formation, again in Barley. It is totally invisible from the road.

Oxford crop circle group surveyed this on 25/6/96 and found the formation several weeks old with crop turning back up. The main circle is 85ft diameter CW with the first ring 3' 6" daim CW at 7 ft . The second ring is weird - at a further 3' 6" out. There are 5 wider petal like sections on one side with a basic 1 ft wide ring going all the way round.

The 2 grapeshot of 18' 6" and 14 ft diameter are 52 ft below the main circle and are linked tangentially along one tramline each of these cirlces has central CW flow and ACW at the perimeter. There is standing crop at centres

Image by Jeremy Kaye. Copyright 1996

Other images by Russell Stannard
First picture ring formation
Second picture ring formation

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