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Asbury, Nr Swindon, Wilshire. Reported 14th August.

The String of Pearls.

Image by Lucy Pringle. Copyright 1996.

Central Circle: 41' (CW)

Going left from top to outside
30' (CW), 17ft (CW), 10.5' (CW), 7' (CW)

Going right from top to outside
28.5' (CW), 16' (CW), 11' (CW), 7' (CW)

Diagram by Peter R. Sorensen . Copyright 1996.

Discovered August 14th, south of Wayland Smithy Long Barrow, Oxfordshire. It is one field to the east from the Ashbury "Vesica Pisces".

The "String" would appear to be a construction line, such as has been found in the Julia Sets. Either the formation is unfinished, or the circlemakers are flaunting the line, saying, "This is how we work" ! The fact that the centre of the arc would have to be within the trees at the edge of the field, makes the ol` rope trick seems unlikely.

Report by Peter. R. Sorensen.

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