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      ShoDem Music Group and Taz’s new “Higher” EP percolates with tension, excitement, moments for dancing in the open air and moments for more introspective contemplation. Draped in RnB with Pop and Dance sensibility, with Taz fully realized and deeply expressive, these tracks are ready to soundtrack the lives of anyone who craves deeply moving, uplifting music.

      Sammy Sose, ShoDem Mastermind, builds on his “Don’t Talk ShoDem” and “From the Ghetto” EP’s and expands his sonic palette, creating truly infectious and heartfelt moments across this diverse EP. “Higher” allows Taz’s lyricism and vocal range to create something brilliant. These emerging artists display dramatic range and control, each building off each other to create something truly memorable. This EP dances, bounces and weaves it’s way through unique genres, moments, and emotions.

      Leading with ‘Body’, a slow burning and ethereal track, ShoDem Music Group state their purpose and intent to produce top quality urban music that will provoke and inspire. Held down with punchy percussion and bassy electronics, this emotionally intriguing track displays impressive soul, range and versatility.

      ‘It Will Come’, is an uplifting and powerful song. Soaring, soothing and thought provoking, this a song of hope and empowerment. A powerful statement of peace with piano.

      Built on rugged club and street ready production, ‘No More’ is sleek and driving. This track continues the EP’s emotionally driven and uplifting message though is more electronic in its delivery. Bouncing with angular bass and Taz’s deep lyrics, this track is ready to shake up nightlife around the world.

      Finishing like a shooting star ‘You’ll be Mine’ ends the “Higher” EP. This romantic and fun party anthem is the perfect highpoint, a celebration in song. Sugary with an unforgettable hook, this future classic ends the party at the height of the evening, the best time of your life. This electric exclamation point the perfect ending to a deeply moving and evocative excursion in Urban Music.

      Shodem Music Group and Taz create moving, thought provoking music, each working to harmonize so wonderfully together. “Higher” is a celebration of life, the real life, the struggles, successes and celebrations that define us. Music with purpose, delivered with passion.

      ShoDem Records
      Contact ShoDem Music Group and Sammy Sose;
      Twitter: @SoseSMG / @ShoDemMusicGP / @ItsTazOfficial
      Facebook: / Sammy Sose | Facebook


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    Forums Music ShoDem Music Group and Taz Electrify on New “Higher” EP