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      hi all,

      Here’s a mix I recorded back in September, that I’ve only just got around to putting online. It’s an old skool mix with a twist! It starts with early 90’s rave tekno (The Hypnotist, CJ Bolland, etc) and then builds through pounding hard techno from people like D.O.M. and Jeff Mills before heading into hardcore territory, finishing up in face-ripping gabba territory. To accompany the mix, I’ve also collected party reminiscences from a few different forums on the web (including this one), and there are some real crackers in there.



      Pearsall presents We Control The Night
      click above to visit my site and download the mix

      Mixed in London, September 2009
      (84:11, 152.57 MB, APX VBR MP3)

      Style: early 90’s rave techno -> hard techno -> hardcore -> gabba

      01. Omni Trio – Alien Creed (Moving Shadow)
      02. The Hypnotist – Pioneers Of The Universe (Rising High)
      03. Clementine – The Opening (Djax-Up-Beats)
      04. Ravesignal – Horsepower (R&S UK)
      05. DJ Doc Scott – Surgery (Ordinary Mix) (Absolute 2)
      06. Lunatic Asylum – My Beat (Dance Ecstasy 2001)
      07. E-Dancer – Velocity Funk (Stacey Pullen Remix) (KMS)
      08. Exiter – Trezpazz (X-Trax)
      09. X-102 – Ground Zero (The Planet) (Tresor)
      10. Mizbehavior – Rubber Scorcher (Cluster)
      11. Joey Beltram – Drome (Warp)
      12. Jeff Mills – La Force (Purpose Maker)
      13. D.O.M. – Organics (Stay Up Forever)
      14. Martyn Hare – Dirty Bastard (Tremors)
      15. Cristian Varela – Armas Sime Tricas (Primate)
      16. Temperature Drop – Clawhammer (Cluster)
      17. Dark & Evil – Demonchrist (Hool)
      18. DJ Frankie Bones – We Can Do This (Fabulous Music)
      19. Aqua Contact – Cinderella (Bonzai)
      20. Yves Deruyter – Rave City (Cherry Mix) (Bonzai)
      21. Dyewitness – Brrrr (Mid-Town)
      22. Einstein Doctor Deejay – Automatic Sex (Mayday Mix) (Plastika)
      23. KI-Real – Claim Ur Prize (Bionic)
      24. Citrus – Fascination (Sublogic)
      25. Lenny Dee – Alpha 1 (Edge Records)
      26. The Mover & Rave Creator – Atmos-Fear (Cold Rush)
      27. DJ Bountyhunter – Woops (Bonzai)
      28. Arjuna & Beyonder – Shoot That Motherfuck (Cenobite)
      29. Phrenetic System – Fantasy (Bonzai)
      30. Tronic – Neuroworld (Frankfurt Beat)
      31. Kleine Boiz – Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik (Nacht Mix) (Steel Wheel)
      32. DJ Davie Forbes – Apocalypse Now (Babyboom)
      33. Nitre – Machinery (Cenobite)
      34. Wedlock – I’m The Fuck You Man (Ruffneck Classic)

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