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      hi all,

      As the second part of my post-Christmas mix frenzy, here’s the fourth edition of my Squat Rocking series, dedicated to the classic sounds of the UK underground free party scene. Unlike the first three, which were more oriented towards acid techno, this mix is straight-up hard techno, with 28 tracks from the mid-nineties to the mid-noughties chopped together in 70 minutes of mayhem. I’ve also included an essay on the Edinburgh techno scene from about ten years ago, as well as some vintage pictures of Apex, a leading underground club in Edinburgh at the time.


      Pearsall presents Squat Rocking 4
      click on the link above to go to my site and download the mix

      Mixed in London, August 2009
      (76:46, 138.47 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

      Style: fearsome hard techno

      01. A Guy Called Gerald – Blow Your House Down (Smith & Selway Mix) (Split Music)
      02. Dave Clarke – The Storm (Bush)
      03. The Hacker – No Fun (Sativae)
      04. John Thomas – Shift (Minimaxima)
      05. Robert Natus – Brainwash EP (Clanking) (4×4)
      06. D.O.M. – Paranoid (Stay Up Forever)
      07. Ignition Technician vs Nuccle – Kaos Rave (Infamous Player)
      08. DJ Bam Bam – Here It Comes feat Alex Peace (Bass Heavy Music)
      09. Glenn Wilson – Torment N’ Tease (Punish)
      10. The Fuzz – Night Chase (Cluster)
      11. Johannes Heil – Enter Club (Kanzleramt)
      12. Westwood Brothers – Special Tactics 1 B2 (Construct Rhythm)
      13. D.A.V.E. The Drummer & DJ Geraldine – Arpeggiator (Bound)
      14. Heckmann – Teufelswerk (Wavescape)
      15. Schall & Rauch – Fuckinbasskiller (Jerk)
      16. D.A.V.E. The Drummer – Hydraulix 22 (Side B(Hydraulix)
      17. Jim Fish & Will Bithell – Slamdance (Patterns)
      18. Solvent Electron Industries – Invasion Of Privacy (Holzplatten)
      19. Influence DJs – Ear Ark (UTI)
      20. Paul Langley – Feed The Pony (Epochworx)
      21. Jamie Bissmire – Slamm! (Feat. DJ Deeon) (50Hz)
      22. Jamie Bissmire & DJ Bam Bam – Ass Up (50Hz)
      23. Ben Long – 13 Poundz (Tortured)
      24. DJ Special Needs – Obsession (DJ Special Needs 1) (DJ Special Needs)
      25. Mr T & Thermobee – Drive By (Superconductor)
      26. Sven Wittekind – Punch (Kne’ Deep)
      27. Cyborg X – This Is The House (Cluster)
      28. CJ Bolland – The Prophet (Internal)

      If you’ve enjoyed this, check out the other mixes in the series:
      Squat Rocking 1 (acid techno, hard trance, and nu-nrg)
      Squat Rocking 2 (acid techno)
      Squat Rocking 3 (acid and hard techno)

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