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      Percolating synth lines announce Tamipolysexual’s new single “Spirit for Your Love”, as the beat drops, it becomes clear, this track is destined to light up terraces, ignite friendships and spread positivity. Accessible while still underground informed, this soaring vocal house track has just a touch of trancey euphoria which would sound as proper on the radio, as banging in the night, arms in the air, in clubs around the world. Hypnotic and engaging this track matches proficient electronic production with a detuned vocal, the end result, is dance magic.

      “Spirit for Your Love” is a future anthem, the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring and the awakening of the natural world. This track celebrates the best of life and prepares you for the same. Be prepared to move and don’t be surprised to find yourself smiling, this bouncing and rhythmic track, sure to soundtrack long summer days and nights in the months to come.

      Tamipolysexual is a London based production crew comprised of Tamipolysexual, Maticah, D:Max, Mitzka and Takeru. Hot off the heels of their crossover social commentary infused “Housing Crisis” single, “Spirit for Your Love” simmers with a pop sensibility while retaining a very modern and polished deep house sound. These talented and diverse performers display their versatility, announcing themselves on the world stage, ready to entertain and invigorate. Tamipolysexual are on the rise.

      Released on POLYROCK STUDIOS LTD and available on Itunes, Beatport and Spotify, the “Spirit for Your Love” single is the perfect way to celebrate. Music to make you move, feel alive and inspired by the magic of life, this is one electronic departure, you won’t want to miss. The perfect track for everyone who loves uplifting, positive dance music; “Spirit for your Love” will have you moving and smiling, a reminder of sweet it is.

      Tamipolysexual will continue to balance their production inspiration with their live performing schedule. Be sure to check out these dynamic artists at festivals and clubs across Europe and around the world in 2016. Be sure to pick up the “Spirit for Your Love” single and celebrate in style, you deserve it!

      Simon DeCroos (@tamipolysexual) | Twitter
      tamipolysexual | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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