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    General Lighting

    coming back from London this weekend, I popped into a garage in West London and the radio was playing a cheesy commercial house remix of “Moonlight Shadow” by Mike Oldfield!

    I know theres a trend to remix 80s tunes in this fashion – but thought it was a bit strange ; the lyrics are hardly the happiest around – they are about a girl mourning her boyfriend who has been shot dead in a gangland dispute!

    ome sources say its based on John Lennons assasination, but the lyrics hint far more at a “gangster” theme – Mike Oldfield himself has said it was more inspired by a movie)

    Then again in a darkly ironic way its probably completely spot on for the commercial nightclub scene….

    WTF next though? Perhaps a hardstyle remix of “Godley and Creme – Under your thumb” – an early synthpop track about a girl who commits suicide by jumping under a train to escape an abusive partner..

    * General Lighting realises he is *really* showing his age with this post 😀

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Forums Music Bizzare commercial house / 80s remix!