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General Lighting

    this seems most unfair as they weren’t exactly pirated.

    That said, you really should get into the habit of saving your content locally.

    Don’t trust a bunch of faceless Americans too look after your vital data for free!

    Firstly, local storage media is cheap these days, both internal and external hard drives.

    Secondly, Youtubes compression trashes the actual quality of your audio, as the emphasis is on getting as much content onto their network. you do not have to do this, if you are saving to local media – you can use the full bandwidth of all your equipment. Ask Daftfader to help you out if some of the tech stuff seems a bit heavy – he knows his stuff.

    OK it might be that for a variety of reasons you have not yet noticed this, but there is a reason those of us who are slightly older and got into music before digital audio got everywhere say certain things.

    Make good quality master copies of your music and videos on local drives and then upload them to YT, don’t use it as a cloud storage media, its not designed nor guaranteed for that nor can the UK’s current broadband handle that sort of stuff (I was explaining the same to a former employee of British Telecom, as he was so used to having gigabit broadband at work when he was at the labs…)