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caesari wrote:
Been reading this forum to get some ideas. Downloaded them from eMule. Something is badly wrong here. People I are either taking the wrong drugs or taking them wrong.

Believe me: there is more to life than ‘Police in Helicopter’ and whatever chocolate you have to use to stone yourself to boredom to listen to this.

Open the curtains. Lay off the weed. Get some decent pills and party. Dance your nuts off to some serious music

U sure u got the right Police in Helicopter. Not the well slow eak a mouse 1

I can only talk for myself, but I FUCKING LOVE TO DANCE!, and do not need pills or weed to have a great night and dance all night to the very end! U can not tell me Altern 8 is not a rave/dance tune had that on earphones, I was out keepping fit and it made me run so fast, with no drugs.

just found Kernkraft – Zombie Notion. its ok but not my taste! but still would dance to it. Milkshake “serious music” thats funny, even the zinc remix is fuuny.

Going on a plane a find some sun sounds good maybe off to a beach party in italy in sept… U really did get me all wrong! PEACE… :ip: