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    DG never give up hope gal, i know how ya feel about schools, kids are really tasty to each other, and if ya aint got the latest gadgets or your artistic like my daughter people can make your life hell, it makes me sad fighting with my daughter every day to go to school, i love it when she is on holidays and the attitude disappears and we get on even better, dont let these people get ya down cause they get off on looking down at our ideas and wanting to be part of a community, we know whats real to us, my brothers kids were home tutored and they are ahead of their class now, it can be done gal, i know i got to get more real people in my life that would love to see us shine instead of trying to keep us down, i am working on it, we have each other gal and thats a start, we aint alone though and one day we’ll find our place where we can help others too and fly…. woooooo