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    Hi process ,
    Just made me laugh what you said about the faster you go the slower time gets , reminds me of when im in a rush and try to hurry but in the end it seem to to take longer trying to do the thing i was trying to do fast ……..did anyone understand what i just typed ? lol ….see i was typing faster than my brain , maybe i have a black hole inbetween my ears !!!!


    i understand! like rushing to get ready to go to a girls house… half putting your jeans on. tripping and whacking your head on the corner of the bed :laugh_at: :laugh_at:

    @mungo1972 399517 wrote:

    Hi Process , They are saying they are expecting a huge solar flare in the not too distant future . It would be like a huge EMP ( Electro Magnetic Pulse ) which damages any electrics not sheilded , which is my i have wrapped my computer in lead ……now just the rest of the power grid and we are laughing !!!!.

    ps i feel a little ill could be lead poisoning !!!!

    you been sucking the computer? … new thread for the sex & relationships forum 😉

    @process 399520 wrote:

    good job ive got my whole head covered in a tin foil hat too then! 😉


    you got any links to any articles about that?