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    the next thing was that super massive black holes are natural time machines. sounds far out there, but is scientific fact apparently. as they have such a large mass time goes slower when you are near them so if we could build a ship to orbit this black hole for a week, then something like 1 year would have passed in ‘normal’ time. pretty mad.

    and the other theory or way of achieving time travel is getting as close to light speed as possible, becuase the faster you travel the slower time goes. so if we could build a spaceship that could travel at 99% the speed of light then for every day that passed on the ship 1 year would pass outside of it. (Not sure about the exact ratio but thats how the theory works)

    pretty insane.

    also the hadron collider is a time machine, they send these particles round at near to the speed of light and in normal time these particles only survive for 1 billionth of a second or something, but when they are shot round the LHC they exist for 30x longer! crazy!:weee:

    apparently the LHC is supposed to be turned back on sometime in 2012 as well, not sure if this is fact though. all mental stuff regardless really though!