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    @2old4this! 235188 wrote:

    Many many moons ago and a day . . . .Me and some mates were up all nite, verrrry messsssy lol – and about 5 or 6 o’clock, i peeked outside and saw that it had been snowing – ALL night!!:bounce_fl:bounce_fl:bounce_fl Well that was that – i found as many coats scarves etc as i could. And . . . after much ado/resistance etc, we went out for an ‘explore’.

    Left footprints all round peoples gardens, did no damage, just left figures of 8 in footprints stuff like that – to greet them when they got up and looked out! Childish – nahh – Childish was bundling each other all over the village green n rolling in the snow, arssing about on the kids swings and the roundabout (roundabout not gd when fkd :yakk:)
    and that was just the 30 somethings amongst us heehee! Love snow, love childishness! Love being up all nite! Love raising an eyebrow in my neighbourhood – :weee:

    One day they will put me in stocks on the green and throw tomatoes at me. Or burn me at the stake 😉

    You need to change your username 😉