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    Tank Girl wrote:
    We’ve just had an excellent night out, on the way home on the bus I was called a ‘fake pink haired c*nt’ to which I did not respond very well and got ‘offered out’ and obviousy accepted the challenge with drunken bravado of I’m invincible and ‘can take him’ to which he got up to punch me and my other half and brother stepped in……………………………
    why are some people such utter w*nkers and start on random people for no reason?????
    (and yes I know I did not help the situation…. but will not put up by being called a c*nt by little chav boys)

    I think society really has broken down and our streets aren’t TBH much better than those in the countries that our Army are currently trying to bring “peace” to…

    Even 10-20 years ago no lad (even a scrote) would dream of threatening a woman in public on the bus even if they would try and rob another lad; now many lads will attack anyone including a woman who stands up to them – if a bloke stands up to them some scum are even prepared to use weapons… (before you could often put up a bit of front and a mugger would walk away)

    A lot of lads are growing up seeing fighting and violence as the only way. Look at UK garage and grime; where positive lyrics and music were actually driven out by the gun talk..

    I’ve noticed at least one young man seems to get murdered in London every weekend – this is fairly recent though as I’ve been monitoring crime reports from local news in several UK areas for about 10 years now (originally to keep an eye on how the cops were policing raves, protests and squats)

    We have actually reached the “clockwork orange” society. Its also why many people either don’t go out to town any more or will only do so in their cars…