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    MrAHC wrote:
    try testing a 3k rig in your garden an a quiet sunday afternoonraaa unloading tons of scrap mettal and burning wire. choping cars up and constant transit vand coming and going. I’ve even had a 5 ton merc truck roll down the street taking a lamp post n hedge out :laugh_at:

    i’m not so fond of alot of em round here anyway there all snobs n nimbys.

    haha .. i had a few partys with my 1/2k speakers in my garden till like 3 am they normaly live in my room

    not been too bad on the destruction round my house just vodka bottles going out the window into my ally is about all .. my mates old place round the corner was a fucking mad fest tho lol … people from partys there tied to lamp posteds out side and shit shooting people with bb guns as they w8 for the bus out side lol .. not quite as bad as driving lorrys into lamp postes ..but we did steal an abandoned car from our local tesco car park by toing it with another car as it wouldn’t start .. got stoped by the police and all they said was make sure you got the hazzard lights on ..haha ..that later got hacked up by the chain saw lol:you_crazy