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    DaftFader wrote:
    i dread to think of the things my nabours see of me coming home from a night out … one of the things i can remeber from the other morning… comming home all mash up and shit… me going down the road and making smilies in the ice on the front window of all the car’s … there where people getiing in there cars to go to work and i was standing there making smiles on the car next to them’s winscreen :laugh_at:

    try testing a 3k rig in your garden an a quiet sunday afternoonraaa unloading tons of scrap mettal and burning wire. choping cars up and constant transit vand coming and going. I’ve even had a 5 ton merc truck roll down the street taking a lamp post n hedge out :laugh_at:

    i’m not so fond of alot of em round here anyway there all snobs n nimbys.