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    BigAndy wrote:
    Funny, i was supposed to go on a trip to cheddar gorge with dave and ann and a group of others a few years ago.
    I know hover from dave and anns, havent seen him in a while now.
    if you know me then im v. tall and my names er.. Andy.:laugh_at:
    Always trying to get him off soap bar onto proper gear but he lives 4 soap bar.:yakk:
    Oh yeah they split up shortly b4 xmas and he now live on the s.coast.
    i haven’t seen Tim in a few years.

    ive got a feeling i do know ya …..not very well ..but a we bit, i know f*ck loads of peeps..but my memory is a bit obscured especially from party days/exodus/spirals/bedlam/ascenzion/free fessies…i haven’t got out for a while now, going to do some fessies next year ,last one i done was big green gathering 2005, i used to go strawberry fayre every year..’for 10 year on the trot at least, but gave it a miss for last 2 year, thinking of eastern haze and endorse it – in dorset next year, would like to go to uk tek..but im not driving halfway round the world in a petrol bus with no idea where im heading…oh well…bring back the fessies on the farm…that would be pukka…gotta go now …chat again soon….:crazy: