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    Hey guys,
    This is my first post. I come from Amman, Jordan. I’m a Personal Fitness Trainer, hence the PeeTee screen name. I wanna tell you a bit about Jordan. A very cool country where the people are friendly and love foreigners. The weather is absolutely wicked, sunny and warm 10 months of the year. The nightlife is very impressive, where we have clubs that feature DJ’s from Europe every month. However, THE most important night of the year here in HKJ is the annual Distant Heat. It’s a rave held on every July between the desert mountains of Wadi Rum! We had Armin Van Burin -I hope I wrote the name right- last year. Alcohol, grub, and accommodation is included in the ticket fee, gotta bring your own E’s though coz it’s kinda hard to score some here. This party is usually followed the next day with a chill-out party on the sunny beaches of Aqaba. Check out the website, key word Distant Heat.
    If you’ve never been to Jordan, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Get ready for a surprise coz the country will be beyond your expectations! Fell free to e-mail for further info about Jordan.