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Annie Haz

    Hi to all on partyvibe, I’m new to the site but not to Parties! I’ve been doing them for 38years! think I’ve got quite good at it now! But you’d have to ask the people that come to them for an unbiased opinion on that!
    The last big one was at Tintagel, last month, had a wicked time and would like to publicly thank everyone that made it happen, and worked so hard to make it good! THANK YOU. Also thank you to everyone who bothered to drive (or walk) through appalling weather, to attend, we love you all. Next year will be even bigger.
    Last month there was a really good party at Gunwalloe beach, this prompted an article in our local paper (The West Briton) saying that the police had thought it “Too Big” for them to do anything about, this in turn prompted a letter from a local resident (or so they say!) suggesting that next time the police fail to turn up and stop us dancing someone puts a “12bore to the DJ’s head….or take a large piece of agricultural equipment and smash up the sound-system…this should get the police in attendance”. I object to this!!! I’m pretty sure the DJ would object too!! I have already mentioned this on the southwestunderground site, but feel it’s important enough to mention again. The fact that a newspaper would print such a suggestion fills me with horror. I can see things going horribly wrong one Sunday morning at 3am!! I rang the editor to tell him just how upset I was and he put the phone down on me!! Pissed off? Oh yes, I was well miffed. So I wrote to him, to date my letter has not been published, and no, I’m not surprised. It is, I admit, a bit of a rant, but since the man is actually suggesting using a shotgun to end the party, is it any wonder that I was upset. So here it is, in it’s entirety, for you to read, or not, as you like. feel free to discuss.
    “Dear Sirs,

    Further to the letter you printed in last weeks West Briton, from a “Mr Tony Dean, of The Lizard”. I am appalled at the bigoted and divisive letters you are regularly printing regarding the parties held at Gunwalloe, or any other out-of-the-way place.
    Who exactly do you think attends or organises these parties? Beings from another planet? or perhaps some new class of sub-human being? I’d like to make it absolutely clear that every single person at Gunwalloe was a “Member of the British Public”! Albeit ones specifically invited to the celebration. No aliens, monsters or unclassified species. The unifying factor was a love of dancing, music, laughter, FREEDOM AND LIFE!
    The music, varied though it is from Reggae to Abba or Glen Miller (Yes, really! thanks DJ.), may not be to everyone’s taste, (I, for example, do not like Opera, but I would defend TO THE LIMITS OF MY ABILITY the right of those that do to listen to it) but it is ONLY music and fun that is being participated in. We are not kidnapping children, raping old ladies or committing armed crimes! Sound systems make every effort to point the speakers AWAY from inhabited areas. Ie: Out to sea. Has Mr Dean, or any other unhappy local, thought of coming to ask the systems to turn it down a bit? The people running the systems are not monsters, they’re people. I absolutely guarantee that the person asking would not, under any circumstances, have a gun put to their heads. You do not have to threaten a sound engineer, or a DJ, with death to make him listen to a polite request. They are playing records not Weapons of Mass Destruction. These parties are almost exclusively on land that is open to The Public. That’s us: The Public! The Dancers, the DJ’s, Engineers, Children, Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents.
    Tony Deans letter is an incitement to violence and, potentially, murder or at the very least, damage and destruction of property. If I were to write to all my neighbours suggesting they took a shotgun to the owners of the Stock-car track, or maybe take a large earth mover and dig up the track, there would be an outcry. I have to listen to the incessant drone from the track (which is several miles away), all day when they’re racing; Very audible in my garden and still annoyingly noticeable inside my house. Yet you publish, for THOUSANDS of people to read, that one way to ensure the police attend, and perhaps stop an event, is to put a shotgun to the DJ’s head!! At what point does Mr Dean advocate pulling the trigger? Or maybe smashing up the equipment would be a good idea? How dare you?! Does Mr Dean perhaps support The Taliban? Or maybe Hezbollah? or the IRA? If we do not share his views he will shoot us for exercising our right to express our love of life.
    A couple of years ago the police in Czechoslovakia shot dead a young party-goer at just such an outdoor party. Shot. Murdered. For DANCING IN THE OPEN AIR! This is England, this is Cornwall. To live is to have feelings and emotions. Are you really saying that we can only express our love of life by dancing inside filthy, smelly clubs or pubs, and listening to government sponsored musical pap? Shame on you! The reason for our parties is NOT to piss people off, it’s to spend time in the places we love, expressing our joy at being alive, watching the sun rise over the edge of the world and marvelling at the beauty of our County.
    Does Mr Dean imagine the people (that would be US, then!) who attend parties and drink the alcohol they bring with them, are too ignorant or irresponsible to elect a driver who does not get too tired or too drunk, to drive home? Maybe everyone leaving towns in a car, on any night of the week or even a Sunday lunch time, should be given field impairment tests? Or maybe everyone leaving Church after Communion? After all, one sip of wine too many and ‘Whoops’, death and destruction by an out-of-it Christian worshipper! I do not drink alcohol, at all, EVER. One sip of wine would indeed be all it takes to render me incapable of walking, much less driving, so Hey, guess what? I don’t do it! I’m never, ever too drunk to drive safely.
    The party goers of Kernow are PEOPLE: College Students, Teachers, Social Workers, Musicians, Artists, Doctors, Mid-wives and Farmers. We are representative of all walks of life. i.e.: WE ARE MEMBERS OF THE GENERAL BRITISH PUBLIC. We make determined, and largely successful, efforts to clean up ALL our rubbish, after a party (when allowed!). Which is more than can be said for beach goers on a Saturday afternoon at, say, Perranporth (or Gunwalloe!). We’re not the ones eating Solero Ice Creams at 3am, but whoever ate one at 3pmdidn’t give it a second thought when they dropped their wrappers on the sand and then went home. Our beaches, by-ways and lay-bys are all too often a disgraceful mess of rubbish of all types, it wasn’t party goers who did that, it was people like you, Mr Dean.
    We are supposed to be a Nation of Freemen, women and children. Free to practise our religions, beliefs or way of life without fear of death or reprisal. Go to Afghanistan, Mr Dean, the Taliban would welcome you and your friends with open arms….No Music, No Dancing, No Fun unless authorised by The Ruling Party and then only very quietly!
    I would also like to point out that it was NOT a “Rave”, the police quite clearly called it an illegal gathering, NOT a “Rave”. Though to my mind neither occupation should be a crime, certainly not one that I might get shot for attending. I suggest EVERYONE reads the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, 1994, to see just how few of our ‘rights’ we have left. The next time your child has a birthday party and the Mums and Dads gather in the kitchen, listening to music, going outside for a cigarette and maybe doing a little dance for joy, you’re breaking the law! Playing music, outside, and dancing. That’s a crime. This is fast becoming a Police State, with “Big Brother” deciding what music we can listen to, who we can talk to, what we can talk about, where we can dance and what time we should be in bed.
    I will NOT bow to oppression of this kind. I am a 51 year old Grandmother and I WILL dance in the moonlight to music of my choosing with people I love. Go to the devil, Mr Dean, and take with you all like minded bigoted fools. YOU are the minority; WE, the members of the General Public who love to party, despise you and the mean-minded, sad and lonely people like you. How many people come to your parties Mr Dean? Do you have 1000 friends who know you, and love you and want to celebrate life with you? If so – get to a beach or a quarry and celebrate the fact! You are obviously jealous of us and our more joyous leisure pursuits. Stop trying to incite others to mean-minded and criminal actions – Take a shotgun to the DJ??? You sad little man. You must be very lonely, bitter and un-loved to think that one up. Feeling smug and self righteous that you single-handedly stopped people having fun? I pity you and all those like you.
    I am a Member of The National Trust and, as such, I have a perfect right to be on GunwalloeBeach, at anytime I like. Those funny little men in strange clothes, who like to knock a ball around with a stick on a Sunday morning, would do well to remember that their right to play Golf is as ephemeral as our right to dance! Under Cromwell’s Government they would not have a Golf Course open to them on a Sunday morning, when they should be in Church. It really annoys me to hear them hitting those little balls around, and to see them wandering like Burberry clad ants across one of Cornwall’s beautiful hill sides. But I don’t advocate shooting them, or breaking their golf clubs. If enough members of The General Public (us) hated Golf, we could probably outlaw it. To be vilified for playing golf is as outrageous a proposition as being vilified for partying.
    Choose laughter Mr Dean, choose music and dancing, CHOOSE LIFE!!

    Party goer for 38 years, and proud of it!!”