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Tank Girl

    Yeh, I think your defo right GL, along side what you have written, I have noticed quite a resurgence of women being ‘seen / spoken about’ as just bodies (to fuck) or be adorned on a young mans arm, do their washing and pick up after them, far more recently in the younger generation, (esp in male orientated facebook groups specifically made for these sorts of views) and to combat this a real upsugence of feminism and young women fighting against this (IE UK Feminista).

    (On a side – I wonder if this is due to the ease of access to porn for youngsters on computers / phones and then the associated sexualisation of women, in comparison of having to either nick your dads / mates or be very confident and buy pornos in a shop. And reported initiation of gang rape to get ‘in to and accepted’ in a gang, and girls often ‘selling’ their mates to other gang members etc – I dunno, but it certainly seems to be a downward negative shift – in my opinion)

    but even though we dont seem to be having even the fleeting posts from the girls who stay a few months / yr,

    I wonder whether as the weather gets warmer this may change? as we tend to get more traffic anyway, but I defo understand why girls wouldnt stay on certain forums – (Ie, I just dont like the appeared accepted misogyny and general attitude of SJ)