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General Lighting

    This forum traditionally attracts more intelligent, independent girls/young women, of which a large contingent of them go up to University and stop anything frivolous so they could pass their degree courses, and would have become aware of pre-employment screening. Some return post graduation and careers, but until they have a secure career and aren’t being watched and judged they can’t really post here freely. Thats the flipside of “free speech for all via farcebook and the “shameless” culture in this country”.

    This is happening with the boys as well and is actually pushing the age profile of our users upwards… I’ve noticed we don’t get as much of the new college / uni intake as before, but with fees through the roof I can understand why no one takes the risk..

    Also as mentioned earlier the net is becoming a hostile place for many young people (girls especially but increasingly for boys too) so after a few bad experiences online its not surprising many no longer think there is anything good to be found other than maybe downloads of free stuff (I’ve known personal friends who have been on here for years, downloaded gigs of MP3 but not posted a thing.

    So most of the current girls / women on here are older, perhaps now mums as well as in professional careers and feel more secure in society as to be fair everywhere in the world realises that mums and children are after all essential to the continued survival of the human race, and extra features like the radio are an attraction to parents who can relive a bit of their youth even if its only a few hours of background music.