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Agent Subby
    Agent Subby wrote:
    A very good point GoodDog:wink: . Sometimes the best course of action is to tell a little white lie to protect that person. But only if it’s a LITTLE one.

    I think I need to make myself clear here before I get lambasted. An example of what I mean is:
    Sometime ago I ran up a considerable amount of rent arrears due to my social situation. Now I had to tell my Mother about my predicament, but she [Mother] get’s extremely panicky about problems like this, where she can see no end in sight. So the best course of action at that time was to tell her that the arrears were a substantial lot less than they actually were. The amount in my eyes was not the crucial factor because they were going to get paid off. But in my Mothers eyes the amount would have caused a huge ammount of stress to her, so IMO I did the right thing even though I told a lie. Hope this clears things up:wink: .