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    1. Work (done)
    2. Buy:

    Extension Lead (Done)
    Areial for TV (Done)

    3. Go next door and see if they’ve got my new needles which have apparently been left at their flat.
    4. Set up decks.
    5. Finally get to play some tunes!
    6. Work out what tunes I’ve got that’ll pass for breaks as I’m playing a breaks/jungle set at Sussex Uni on fri, and don’t have that many breaks tunes (Will probably be Hardcore breaks!)
    7. Send text to see who’s up for coming to a Ska gig sat nite.
    8. Hunt down this tune: :love:

    9. Washing up.
    10. Pay rent (Done)
    11. Set up TV.
    12. Eat dinner.

    That’s about it……….