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    @Seasonz 539501 wrote:

    I wonder why that is? A lot of garage is pretty uplifting and happy music haha

    True, but it has also become townie/drinking music. People these days will fight at any music event, there is a fuckload of sexual tension / competition at any nightlife and on the music scene. Perhaps its something you notice more as you get older/or move away from London where you get desensetised to conflict and violence so in a new location this stands out.

    I am aware of people older than me (45+) fighting each other at a indie rock event at a decent real ale pub with bands young enough to be their kids, and someone being beaten to death at a trance/hardhouse event in East Anglia back in the 90s when there was usually good drugs and normally friendly vibes.

    Music are marginally safer now but thats because of the feds and Councils keeping an eye on things from above and refusing licenses to those who put on sketchy/moody events, not the scene cleaning itself up.