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    @The Psyentist 542773 wrote:

    30? Shit I’ve got like 150 of them. I subscribed so I was sent three a month for 2 years or something, then there were all the special additions and stuff. There was even a Goosebumps play made which I went to see, the only times besides Aladdin that I’ve voluntarily gone to a theatre lol. I was a hardcore Goosebumps fan.

    Hahahaha that’s quality!

    dam i think i missed out a bit as my mum could be quite stindgy!
    2 that come to mind right now that i really like is welcome to camp nightmare..
    and the ghost next door where the girl doesn’t know she had died in a house fire the night before and becomes suspicious of other people, Reading these kinds of books is why we are the way we are today my friend lol. Opening the minds doors at such a young age and that.