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@thelog 479798 wrote:

One forum that I use for finding squads on battlefield has a shout box at the top of the forums section. I have found it very handy for dropping quick posts down to grab peoples attention. Take a look BattleStrats Community Forums I dunno if it can be aplied to vbullletin cos the use ip.board for their site. but as I say I would use it quite a bit for dropping bits of news in the feed quick and maybe then make a thread about it while the masses are reveling about my news.

also I would like to see the active topics button become bigger better and have some flashing lights around it. Nahh seriously I sometimes think the active topics button could get a buff.

Yeah I’ve always thought a shoutbox kinda thing that stays on what ever page you are on is a good idea, direct communication right at your finger tips. Although I fear this may take away some potential posts from the forum as everyone would just be nattering there instead.