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General Lighting

    ISTR eternity sort of ran aground by the late 90s, it tended to be based around the old skool commercial raves. These were heavily targeted and eliminated in some areas by the CJA and the scene split into todays free parties and the superclubs (both of which are still sufferering from government clampdowns)

    the free party crews shunned mainstream publicity (understandably, as it was tantamount to admitting to criminal activity) and the superclubs created their own magazines which helped “bury bad news” such as logistics/customer service problems within the clubs and/or oppressive door staff régimes/the involvement of gangsters.

    Also it was getting a lot harder to put across a positive view of partying by the mid 90s when people were getting sucked into addictive class A use and the scene wasn’t as “innocent” as it once looked.

    but I definitely think the overall positive ethos of eternity and blaze (whilst still running hard-hitting articles) is well up for a revival.

    as for music policy if you covered techno of all kinds, hardstyle, gabba etc (basically the whole spectrum of stuff that storm/project mayhem play!) , breaks, D&B, breakcore (the mad disjointed and sometimes frightening stuff) and of course old skool rave there would be plenty enough for everybody on the underground music scene.

    I consider garage and grime to be commercial music anyway, its obsessed with making money rather than having fun and everyones hungry for fame and money; I might be old fashioned but can’t really see how a music scene which has 5 16 year old kids fighting for the mic to chat about how they are going to kill an entire family and use their rivals bull terrier as an ashtray fits in with the party ethos…