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Pat McDonald

    I don’t pretend to understand things like Near Death Experiences, but I do feel that information transfer happens all the time without a “physical” medium.

    In other words, information is a big part of non-physical reality. So, take a 2 year old child who looks bright, educate them non-stop that they are a reincarnation according to Bhuddist philosophy – 11 years later, the Dalai Lama is “reincarnated”. I think the current incumbent is a very sharp, witty, and smart individual. He’s certainly very very deep on Bhuddist philosophic theory and practice.

    Likewise, Alexander the Great. Take a child and educate them that it’s their DESTINY to organise an invasion and conquer the Persian Empire, guess what? They succeed and have little else to do except keep conquering until defeated.

    I wouldn’t throw out Bhuddist practices and ideas without scientifically scrutinising them, trying to validate or reject them, and plenty of neuroscientists agree that Bhuddism does contain many valid models of the human mind. I think there’s a lot of valuable ideas in those who DO believe in reincarnation. I just think the basic idea of reincarnation, one-to-one, is flawed.