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Signal Jammer

Mainly Techno, Electro and Breaks with a splattering of IDM (which I define as Intelligent Dance Music, but most of that would be under the same genre’s just more intelligent!).

The difficult thing I find is placing music into genres. A lot of the techno I listen to like Detroit stuff people would say is house because they only class techno as hard as nails tunes and aren’t aware of its roots. Same goes for Electro and the current wave of Electro Clash which are 2 different things in my mind. One being a derivative of the old Street sounds and original techno sort of stuff and the other 80’s synth pop which has been revamped.

Its all house music essentially and its a massive subject of which everyone has a view point.

Being open minded and liking what you listen to is what I do. I don’t think I must only listen to one sort of style else I would be missing out on so much more!:bounce_fl