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    MrAHC;238852 wrote:
    get a grip wee man, we’ve got enough support anyway weather you come or not. i’ll still be here when you’ve long given up. i like how you pick on my spelling & the fact i like abit of football as an argument thats real grown up.

    i dont think i’ve ever met a football hooligan at a rave before, the odd football fan here and there but partys are abit too dirty for prada n aquascutum.

    i actualy live and breath the underground movement and have for all my adult life bar 3 years while i went n did something else for a break.

    um i never once mentioned your spelling … infact it’sa well known fact that my spelling is apauling … and with regards to the football hooliganism .. i wasn’t talking about ppl that attend your partys .. i was mearly talknig about some comments and some refernces you made to football hooliganism seeming to make yourslef look like you had some thing to do with it .. as for given up on raving b4 you … we’ll see .. i been raving since i was about 14/15 till 23 ..thats 8 years .. i think for a 23 year old thats a fair contrabution to the rave scean .. if your tring to imply that i am a plastic raver like you seem to be painting every one on this site to be