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Mr. Fiveskin

    I’ll listen to anything that isn’t a rock and roll version of professional wresling. Can’t hack rap–how worse can music degenerite into?I can’t stand anything that sound like Pantera either. Other than that that it hit or miss for most modern music and I’m prety much from the first wave, the new wave, and the Alanis 90’s. I like techno but can fool you that I know who is who and what’s what. Just needs some class. I’m an old fuck so I’ll gove it to you chronologically: The Bealtles, The Beach Boys, The Stones, Jeff Beck Groups, some of Rod Stewarts Perumtatations, Favorite all time group: Xtc. Second and Third are the Who and the Kinks. I saw Pink Floyd 22 times. Fran Zappa, Captain Beefhearheart, Robert Fripp, Talking Heads, Joe jackson, Rem, Procol harum, Some Tull, Never cared for the Dead that much, The Clash Rule–Joe Strummer a personal hero. Jim Hendrix too. First concert Sly and the Famly Stone 1970 at Madison Square Garden.

    It’s all pretty simple–it
    s gotta have class and professiona wrestling and Kiss are one in the same. Seen many jazz masters in my youth. Sun Ra, all the vilage regulars early 70’s Keith Jarret, Dextor Gordon, Ron Carter, Larry Coreyell, Steve Marcus, Stanely Clark, Chick Corea, Stanly Jordan, Roy Buchanan, Big Country (later on in the 80s), After Alanis morisette its been hard to find rock that isn’t phoney. Sorry. She is awesome and has any one hear the Nines from Canada. They’ye how it’s supposed to sound. Forgot ot add Bellla Fleck and the Wooten Brothers. keeping it alive.