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This is a partial recording of an amazing morning I had in Vegas this summer at my good friend Andrea’s birthday bash. A whole bunch of reprobates from legendary West Coast crews (Space Cowboys, Distrikt, The Nutz) took over the Artisan hotel for two full days and nights. Reprehensible behaviour clearly followed with Andrea taking the lead on her newly ‘acquired’ mobility scooter.

I took to the decks around 4am, ‘fresh’ from having played at DefCon, a giant hacker’s convention in one of the big casino hotels. I was playing off a (borrowed) USB stick for the first time, and amongst the shenanigans unfolding was me loading up a few more tracks off my laptop whenever we ran out and hot-swapping the decks as we rolled into the next day.

It’s unclear how long I played for, as this is just an excerpt of the set which randomly dropped in my mailbox several months later, but I figured it’d be nice to have for posterity for those who were there … and for the mildly curious, of course.