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General Lighting wrote:
sorry to hear about all this – seems like a really hectic week and I did think you have been quiet recently..

hope your dad is recovering..

the problem with DIY / construction in the UK is that there are too many people giving dubious advice and businesses which do not keep promises or tell you about problems or don’t even seem to want/need the work (I was promised a quote for a new gas boiler some months ago which never materialised!)

with regard to a water pipe if the stop end is not doing its job often this is because the end of the pipe is not level enough and the pipe should be filed until this is so (have helped a few friends sort out their DIY problems before…)

my dad is fine as you can be after a stroke:weee:

the dubious DIY advice came from a builder would you credit; i have a new builder now!!!

and the water pipe is dry now but what a whitey that was:hopeless: and i will remember that advice in future:wink: