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for a permitted event, its harder for cops to use the CJA (although it could happen) but they can more easily stop it under various other forms of legislation if there was a real threat to public safety or a serious incident (such as a shooting/stabbing) happened, and Environmental Health can still curtail it if noise levels were excessive.

However an event which merely has “permission” from the landowner and not a license (other than a truly private party) still leaves the organisers (and landowner!) at risk of prosecution for licensing violations. And even a licensed event can be stopped due to a serious incident occuring.

there are also new laws planned which would allow a 48 hour closure merely for repeated events at the same location that cause “alarm or distress” (i.e. enough nimbys whinging about it).

Bear in mind also most forces now have a CPS lawyer on standby at the end of a mobile phone or airwave radio so they can get legal advice (including the potental use of obscure and archaic laws from the clampdowns on fairs/festivals centuries ago) very quickly indeed.