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    Since this is valentines day let me share thelog’s “first love,” story

    This first part is nothing to do with the love story but I thought I would add it for dramatic effect, you know so you can try to motivate you relate to the character a bit more XD. It was in year six of primary school, and it was the first time I gave a girl who wasn’t my mum a valentines card and prezzie. Believe me it took some balls to do it since no one else in our class was doing it. But everyone made a huge deal about it to the point where it was embarrassing for her so I never got a straight answer. The year after that it was secondary school and it was a different ball game, so it wan’t long before I met my “first love” :shy:

    So we first got to know each other properly on the first school camping trip, and we were in the same group as each other, and she was good friends with my friend, who fancied MY friend. I didn’t really know here since we were in know classes together. I didn’t really even know she existed before the trip. So anyway as you can imagine the whole “my friend likes you, do you like my friend” shit went on for about a day and eventually everything sorted out. So we spent the week together and really hit it off together, as most puppy loves do, but drama was just around the corner….. When the camping trip was over and we were back at school, my regular class mates began to take the piss as most immature school kids do. So the peer pressure eventually got the better of me and I started ignoring her and this was the year before mobile phones went BOOM in schools so talking was our only form of communication. So she eventually approached my outside the canteen and said “you’re dumped” and that was the end of that…………or so I thought………

    As the school years went on I hardly saw this girl as I said before we had no classes together so it would have only been random passings in the corridor if that. But I then learned though a friend that she still really liked me and secretly so did I. By now mobile phones had taken over the school so I stealthy obtained her mobile number like a NINJA! and started off sending random texts just talking every now and then UNTIL the day before valentines day. I don’t know whos started what first but we both kinda admitted that we liked each other and were making arrangements for me to come over the next night and help babysit her little brother. That night loggy tossed away his V plates and embraced his first love, despite of what his friends said. Anyway we stayed together until we left school, that summer I stated to do coke and E’s, I was open about it with her but she was still like no way!! E’s kill!! So we had a big bust up and that was it for us. I ended up sleeping with this rich turkish fat girl who lived down brighton marina one night and my friend told her about it and that kinda killed the whole thing for us (silly loggy)

    Funnily enough she married a copper not long ago. She now has two kids. She has actually put on a little bit of weight which I can’t believe since she was always so thin but I spoze kids will do that. She still has her stunning good looks though. I do speak to her form time to time, last time being back in october when she found out that my X died. I don’t think she was just trying to get the gossip I think she actually gave a shit which was nice of her.

    Anyway that concludes loggys valentines day “first love” story. Tune in next month for “loggys fabulous faberge egg easter story”

    Mistakes may be a plenty since I haven’t proof read none of it cos I’m wreckless like that. LOL

    That was a nice story i’m glad i read it now