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General Lighting wrote:
As for power cuts waiting about 30 mins makes sense as many faults related to the 11kv/33kv high voltage lines auto-clear these days (and there are gadgets built into the network which alert the electric company when things go pear-shaped); but when its the low-voltage (230V/400V) bit they do depend on you to tell them your lights are out!

yes they do:groucho:

the other day i had a power cut from 5am to 9.15am [only knew because the backup battery for the computer bleeped till i switched it off] and the girl on the other end was a bit rude about the fact i hadnt rung it in before 7 am and genuinely shocked to be told that if i reported every power cut i had i would be on the phone every other week; she tried to tell me it was a fault at my end!!! i told her to sit tight as in the next 10 minutes 7am to 7.15am there would be a load more calls as i had just heard the farms start up their generators for the milking:laugh_at::laugh_at:the fault was fixed by 9am:wink: