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the smoking ban is to blame…first time the world saw a government in modern times went for ban on smoking was in 1935 and it came from berlin….go figure.

from a wider european viewpoint I agree (even though I quit smoking a few years back) but what has happened here is worse, its after the smoking ban and is directly from neighbours complaining, and not just at dance music.

there isn’t even “24 hour drinking”, most pubs are lucky to get a extension to 01:00 here

but if they get one and they play music the neighbours are making 999 calls the moment they hear it after midnight and thats also for the 18 year old hipster kid bands with geetars (who live angelic lifestyles compared to what I was like at that age), not just us pillheads.

also North Essex is like that (not sure if you are shown TOWIE in DK or you’d even want to watch it but that concentrates on South and Mid Essex) – the bit nearer London..